The "Original Macmillan" section demonstrates the minimal editing necessary to eliminate all objective mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation in the 1972 Macmillan edition. The reader can quickly see that most verses are not included as they require no corrections whatsoever. Those verses that do contain errors are listed as MAC72, and directly below them are the corrections (MAC72✔). This chapter-by-chapter presentation serves as a comprehensive demonstration of the minimal editing standard.


In the "BBT83" section we have presented, again in a chapter-by-chapter format, a selected portion of the revised verses published in the 1983 BBT edition. Since a high percentage of the verses from the original 1972 Macmillan edition have been changed, and because these changes are well documented in other forums, we have only presented a portion of the changed verses here. We trust our readers will find it adequate for our purpose of demonstrating the substantial textual restructuring by the BBT83 editors.